Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hooning Around in the Spira4U Nerf Car

(From the video below)

Before you watch the video, you may want to learn what it means to "hoon around":

Wikipedia entry on "hooning"

The nerf car article has been fairly popular around here - about fifteen reads this week, which is pretty good for a blog with a steady readership of 3.25 loyal readers. One reader in particular (Hi KB!) wants to know when I am getting a nerf car - she wants to test drive it. She even facetimed (I love modern verbs!) me this weekend and asked about it. So, this moring I opened and saw a headline that promised a video test drive of the Spira4U. I excitedly went to the article, but found no video, snagit all to Midland! So I tried another browser. Still no video. I went to the vaguely trusty smartphone. Still no video.

Spira4U Test Drive - Gizmag

So, I went to youtube and found a Gizmag Spira4u video where I was rewarded to find a journalist from south of the equator hooning around in a nerf car in Detroit. And the video did not make me want one less. Sign me up! Let's take a second mortgage out on the dogs and get a pair of these headed to Texas. KB, get ready for a showdown - it's time to hoon!

May your daily commute be fun, green, and turn you into a Bednarzian hoonigan!