Monday, February 9, 2015

Bicycle Commuting Products: A new variation on skinny biking - Flipcrown

If you poke around Mesquite Hugger much at all, you have probably seen a post or ten that mentions biking being a path to being skinny. Last summer I dropped about fifteen pounds in the National Bike Challenge and I have kept that weight off through the winter. And I hope to drop that much again this spring and summer. For me, biking is a path to skinny.

The internet is an amazing place, and it constantly amazes me how far this little local blog reaches. Last week I was contacted by Patrick Jacquet. Patrick is half of a pair of self-proclaimed cyclophiliacs from Ghent, Belgium who do design work. (Digging their bikes and their linguistics!) Patrick contacted me to ask if I would check out their new bike products and their Indiegogo campaign that starts today. I did, and I must say that they have some cool offerings for bicycles, especially for bike commuters who find their bikes to be tough to store, park, or transport. In essence, these guys have created some sleek hardware to help you make your bike really skinny and easy to manage.


If you want to convert your own bike for skinny storage, they can hook you up with several options - and they will even offer you a way to hang your skinny bike on the wall. On the other hand, let's say that you want a complete skinny bike, these guys have some really beautiful bikes for sale - the kind that you would not be embarrased to hang on your living room wall. Who says that a bike can't be living room art as well as your way to work? (My ebike has been hanging out in the dining room for a week, and my wife has shown amazing patience with my piece of "art".)

Patrick and Rob, I wish you success in your campaign and commend your beautiful work.

May you and your bike be as skinny, adaptable, and beautiful as you want to be.