Monday, February 2, 2015

Fat-Tired E-Bike on the Cheap? Hmmm...

$500 Act Now! (Feb 6, 2015, it goes up to $599)

Okay, call the Mesquitehugger a cynic, but I am having a hard time believing this one - I do not see how anyone can offer a $250 bike with $500-800 worth of electrical components for $500. Even with economies of scale, no one has yet been able to offer a decent 36 volt lithium-powered e-bike in that price range. Sure, it is a limited time and they are trying to generate operating capital. And the "guarantee it will be less than $194" shipping definitely puts a squeeze on the bargain factor, but I am having a hard time buying into it.

So, check this thing out and ask yourself the following questions:
Can Storm deliver this thing to your front door for less than $700?
Can they deliver it in May of 2015?
Will those fat tires make you look skinny?

If you decide that you like your odds, go ahead and sign up for the two-for-$998 deal. I will take mine in blue!

The indiegogo crowd is definitely eating this one up. Today (Feb 1, 2015) is the first day for the campaign and they have already hit 367% of their funding goal.

You can check it out here:
Storm Ebike on Indiegogo

May eco-friendly transport truly be this inexpensive!