Monday, February 16, 2015

Lubbock on a Bike: Cyclists Be Heard Tonight (UPDATED 2/17/15)

I had the good fortune to ride my bike to work three times last week - that is 60% of my commute for the week. It's been a rough winter on many fronts, and biking just hasn't been an option much lately. It was a good week. I find that I like people, myself, and work better when I get to ride. And I noticed a lot of other people riding last week as well; and, even though they looked a bit winded, most of them were smiling.

More bikes = less cars = healthier people = cleaner air = more enegy independence = more funds = an ongoing list of advantages in increasing the number of bike riders in our town.

I have been following the cycling in Lubbock issue closely since the mayor referred to cyclist concerns as a "niche issue", and I was glad to read that there will be a public meeting tonight at 6pm at Cavazos Middle School to deal with the possibility of making our roads safer and more inviting to bicycles.

City exploring feasibility study to address cyclists' concerns

So Lubbock cyclists, here is an opportunity to have your voice heard. May we work together for a safer, heathier, happier town.

Snagit! That was frustrating. The city was not exploring a feasibility study to address cyclists' concerns -  the city was informing North Lubbock residents about the North University beautification project. Basically, they discussed nicer and more accessible sidewalks along with new streetlights.

At least fifty cyclists showed up for the niche issue - most can be found linked out from this page. I am assuming (yeah, I know the danger in that) that most were road cyclists; there were lots of jerseys, but the cyclists had no voice in this meeting. We milled about frustrated and confused.

I did find some irony (before knowing the miscommunication) in the meeting's location. I realized on the way there that I would have been very intimidated by traffic had I been riding my bike to the meeting. Yes, Mr. Mayor, we are a niche issue - we are too damned scared to ride in our town.