Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Simplest Aquaponics Setup I Have Seen - elive aquaDuo Aquarium Filter

There we were standing in line at Mr. Aquarium this weekend when I looked over and saw a photo of a plant sticking out of a power filter. I admit I was intrigued. So, I left my wife and her new fish Luna (half-moon betta) in line and went over to check it out. The elive aquaDuo is just what it appeared to be - a power filter that incorporates a live plant as part of the filtration system.

The elive sell sheet

Online reviews for it are a bit spotty - pretty equal on the love and hate. I am wondering what plants would be most appropriate since the roots would stay constantly submerged. [I read the manual - they recommend peace lilies, arrowhead plants, pothos, and lucky bamboo.] At this size (and price point) I can not see it feeding a village, but as a novelty item, I am pretty tempted.

The manual

Points for Mr. Aquarium, which is already one of my favorite local businesses, their prices are actually slightly lower than the ones available on Amazon. $24.99 for the 20 gallon version and $19.99 for the 10 gallon version. If I come across any extra spending money this week, I will pick one up and report back to you on it. Maybe the tadpoles would like to hang out under a locally collected semi-aquatic plant...

May your thumb be green and green!