Monday, March 16, 2015

Lubbock on a Bike and Urban Ducks March 2015

Beautiful weather this weekend. Spring seems to be springing. I took advantage of the weather and hopped on the bike several times. Besides my usual 400 reasons to ride a bike, I am also gearing up for the the National Bike Challenge 2015. The challenge begins in May, but I am hoping to be in the habit when it starts. Also, I have missed Clapp Park (See the tadpole posts for more on my neighborhood park.)
The overall is looking good so far - lots of water and lots of birds.
The close-up is a lot rougher - lots of litter. (If you see a bicyle dork out there picking up trash, please come over and introduce yourself!)

The old Mongoose was rolling happily.
The duck watching was great. Lots of mallards and Northern shovellers, a few wigeons, and two newcomers that I had to look up.

A scaup! (photo from larkwire)
Northern pintails - they were beautiful!
Bicycling and urban wildlife - snagit, I'm glad Spring is coming! This park is 1.1 miles from my home, and I am thankful!
May you have health and beauty so close to home. Thanks for reading.