Tuesday, March 31, 2015

PCR: Olla Update - Blessed with free tomato plants!

Flower Pot meets Olla (made of two 4" pots)

Saturday we went by the preparedness fair - lots of cool stuff there. I even had the opportunity to see one of the self-cloning crawdads I wrote about a while back. (Another Cool Aquaponics System and Send in the Clones)

The Texas Agrilife Extension group and the Master Gardeners were giving tomato seedlings to passersby, so I passered by and scored some free plants. (Thanks Linda and Vikram!).

That left me with four little tomato plants needing to be planted and a small stack of ollas needing to go underground. I put 4 and 2 together, and the grand experiment has begun. I found some old pots on the back porch and threw everything together. The compost box doubled as a planting table. It looks like things are falling in place. We now have tomatoes and ollas on the front porch. If they thrive, I'll post pics. If they don't, I'll invite you to the composting wake. Either way, we'll find a reason to celebrate.

May your grand experiments thrive.

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