Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Nerf Car: KB, We need to work on our Australian accents!

The Spira Foam Car. You know the one - the really cool idea that sparks laughter and derision at almost every turn. Environmentally friendly, pedestrian friendly, parking friendly, budget friendly, and definitely a conversation starter. And, for me, it looks like a very enjoyable way to pop around town!
So, there's a weird phenomena developing around the Spira. If you see it in a video, it's probably being driven by an Australian on North American soil. And my jealousy is leading to a bit of green bitterness - why is it some rico suavé Australian guy? Why not me?
If you check out the latest Translogic video (via, you'll see a very informative and enjoyable video which creates and answers a lot more questions about my new favorite Nerf.

Down-Under Man attacked by Spira!

Check out the story and video here: Australian Drives a Nerf Car in San Diego

Explaining things to the Australian guy while the car plots its attack

A video clip with other people expressing Australian bitterness Australians?!!! Be warned, it's a bit PG13!

The Spira appears on Shark Week!

To be fair and give a little credit, here are my two favorite Australian contributions to the world:

Colin Hay singing "Overkill"

  By the way, this is KB, I am not sure if she is green with envy or she has been drinking too many wheat grass shots - either way, we are trying to get her some help!
May your world be platypus amazing today!
Looking for another reason to like the Spira? Check out their reservation page:

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