Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Lubbock (Not) on a Bike: Happy Ride to Work Day 2015, Snagit! (Updated)

[UPDATED 5-14-15]

[Okay, I admit it again - I was wrong, and my editor did not catch my mistake. Ride to Work Day is the palindromatic 5-15-15. That means I (and you) still have a chance to ride to work. And snagit, let's get on our bikes and ride!]

I admit it. I am a fair-weather biker. I watch the weather closely on days that I plan to ride. And Iry to ride as often as possible. And I really wanted to ride today to show support for a great movement. But today is some seriously lousy riding weather.

 This is the view from my little truck (Lucy) this morning.
Since I won't be riding (much) today, I decided to do a little writing. I want to encourage you to ride (on nicer days).
Your world is better each day that you choose a bike over a car because
  • your heart is healthier
  • your brain is healthier
  • your lungs are healthier
  • your legs are sexier
  • there is less traffic
  • fewer greenhouse gases are being released into the atmosphere
  • the air is cleaner
  • you are less likely to kill cats, dogs, birds, bees, butterflies, children, pedestrians, and others
  • you are statistically less likely to die on a bike than in a car
  • the petroleum industry has less control over you
  • you always get preferential parking
  • your car is wearing out more slowly
  • there is less noise pollution (even if you sing while riding)
  • the Mesquite Hugger loves you (platonically speaking)
  • you know you made a better choice for you and others.
May you spread joy and health with your choices!

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