Friday, May 15, 2015

Lubbock on a Bike: Happy Ride to Work Day 2015! (Getting over Leaf envy)

On the days I ride the bike to work, I often cross paths with a Nissan Leaf on Utica Avenue. Electric cars are pretty rare around here, so they still catch my attention. And I have no problem admitting that I am a little green with envy when I see someone cruising Lubbock streets in a BEV (battery-electric vehicle).

 The old red 'goose this morning

But this morning I looked at that guy silently cruising along, and I had no desire to trade places with him. This morning was a rough ride. The wind blew north. I rode south. It rained last night and there were lots of puddles. And every bit of it felt good. I have been riding enough lately that the tired feeling is not overwhelming. Riding to work on a bike is not a task. Riding to work on a bike is an accomplishment. I did not mindlessly drive in comfortably numb, distracted, and stress-filled boredom. I achieved a goal.

And my ride today was massively greener that Leaf guy's ride. The bike I am commuting on now is one that has been with me since before I had a cell phone or an internet connection. The ride did not require electricity. The wear and tear on the bike and the road was minimal. And there's a good chance that I am in better health now than I was when I left the house this morning. Very little (in comparison to the Nissan) went into building and transporting the bike to me. The bike does not cost money to register, insure, and operate like the car does.

Poor, neglected Leaf
Yes, I'd still love to have a Leaf (or one of many other BEV's available), but I would like to think that even if I did own one, it would spend lots of days in the garage while the bicycle was out enjoying the world.

May you get off your butt already and join the National Bike Challenge! (Toni and Spencer, you two are my heroes this month!)