Monday, June 1, 2015

Lubbock on a Bike: May Wrap-up and Commuter Nirvana

It started like a Monday. The brain was rather foggy. I had to go back a few times for the things I forgot. The legs were a little foggy too as I started for work. But I crossed Indiana Avenue with no hesitation. Very little traffic. I pedaled on through the neighborhood.

The fog cleared away enough for me to realize that the day had come. I have looked forward to this day for months. I had marked my calendar for this day. The kids are out of school! The stressed out mothers swirling and swarming to and from the schools, they were not on the streets. I casually pedaled to work feeling less stress, less mortal fear, and a sense of peace. The streets are safe(r) again.

If you have been looking for the nerve to ride your bike to work in the morning, now is the time! Commuter nirvana! Get your butt out there!

No red circle on the 23rd - but it was a great day in Waxahachie, TX!

National Bike Challenge/National Bike Month: I survived May, and the rain did not stop me. It did definitely slow me down, though. There were thirty-one days in May, and I rode a bike on thirty of those. Sure, I only logged 102 miles for the month, but it still feels like an accomplishment.

Okay, enough of me bragging. Now, let me invite you - please try riding if:

you want to lose some weight,
you want to strengthen your heart,
you want to lower your blood pressure,
you want to live longer,
you want more optimism,
you want cleaner air,
you want to save money,
your doctor told you to lose weight,
you want encouragement to eat better,
you want encouragement to drink less,
you want to be an obnoxious blogger,
you want to enjoy your commute,
you want a sense of accomplishment,
you want a better look at the world around you,
you want to be a nosy neighbor inconspicuously,
or if you want to find a selfish way to selflessly work at making the world a healthy place for generations to come.

By the way, the first week will be rough, but anything worthwhile requires a little work. You will be glad you did.

May June be a great month for you!