Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mesquite Hugger Declaration: It's Tiny Trailer Day!

All the world's a trailer, and we are merely trailer hitches, bi!@#es!

It was the best of trailers. It was the worst of trailers.

Ask not what your trailer can do for you...

Green/greenish news seems to travel in waves. And the wave this week appears to be little trailers.

Okay, I will be honest - I do not want one of these in reality, but they fascinate me in theory, and they seem to fascinate many others as well. Enjoy this random assortment.

As always, let's start with Instructables. There are several teardrop trailers on Instructables, but this is my fave (and it has Elvis!)

Treehugger featured this svelte trailer today for the ambitious bicyclist on your gift list: [If Grizz recorded music, it would sound like this video's soundtrack.]

If those others are just not retro enough for you, how about this Scooter Caravan video that seems to make the rounds every few years? I have to give props to this Lambretta for hauling a family of three, a sidecar, a trailer, and a boat! That thing is a beast! (Thanks, Knippa!)

Have you ever wanted a teardrop to haul behind your rig but you feared the claustrophobia of actually getting in the thing? Maybe you need the expandable model that popped out :-) on the Just a Car Guy blog yesterday.

Whatever and however you haul, may you have a great night's sleep!