Thursday, June 4, 2015

The (Daymak) Beast has escaped!

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I was having breakfast with a bunch of scooterists a few weeks ago. One guy was telling stories of some pretty amazing scooter exploits. My friend Daniel looked across the table and said, "Where's the pictures? Dude, if there ain't no pictures, it didn't happen!" (Daniel really talks like that.)

I have come to realize that " didn't happen" phrase is a new motto for our youtubily-Instagrammatically-driven culture. And it's especially true when we look at new electric things with wheels. And I am very susceptible to the hype. I will run across an article on that new thing, get all excited, and then wait to see the first images posted by real consumers in the real world. Lots of them never materialize. (The e-bike world is currently waiting to see if the Sondors [formerly the Storm] fat-tired e-bike from Kickstarter ever materializes.) I write about a lot of those electric things on this blog.

And I am always excited to share news when those electric things do appear in the consumer wilds.

I had heard nothing about the Daymak Beast in a while, so I did a quick search and found that they have indeed been shipping them to Kickstarter supporters. I even found one of their supporters who posted a video on youtube the day after he received his back in April. While it may not be the greatest video you watch this year - or even today - it is exciting to see that thing is indeed being built and delivered!

The beast ebike by Daymak review (standard model)

If you are still thirsting for Beast video, I also ran across the assembly video for this unholy offspring of an e-bike, a Honda Ruckus, and a solar panel.

Beast Assembly Video (on the Kickstarter page)

May the thing you've been waiting for arrive and be even better than you hoped!

(On a related note, I received a little communication from Superpedestrian about the Copenhagen Wheel this morning - they are apparently going to start shipping this month. If so, I will apologize for referring to their product as "mythical" in yesterday's MH post.)