Monday, July 20, 2015

Lubbock Local Wildlife: An Eternal Tadpole Update

A little over two years ago I caught some tadpoles in Clapp Park. I thought it would be cool to keep them for a few weeks and watch them transform. Well, they had other plans. So here it is two years later and there are still five tadpoles who refuse to be frogs. They were apparently wise to choose to leap into my net way back then. Within a few months pond dried completely as part of our epic drought. (This year we have received epic rainfall and the pond is once again full.)
Yesterday I was cleaning the tank and noticed something shocking. Another of the tadpoles has decided to make the leap (You know darn well the pun is intended!) to frogdom! I apologize for the terrible photos, but I knew you'd still want to see them..
Look closely - the back legs just appeared.
And just in case you wanted to see one of the others - look Ma, no legs!
I am a little heartbroken, though. I am leaving town for a few days and will not be around for most of the transformation. I will come home to find that a big tadpole has become a small frog with a very tiny tail. They  grow up so fast!
In case you want to get caught up on the Clapp Park Tadpole saga, here are the links to the older posts.

May nature enthrall you and may we all work together to protect this planet with which we have been blessed.

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