Sunday, July 26, 2015

More Saturday Garden Stuff - Lubbock

Most of this summer's gardening experiments have gone well, so I thought I'd post a few more pics for you.

The Food Is Free Project planter is finally coming around. I finally figured out where I botched this one in the beginning. My soil had/has too much clay and will not allow sufficient water wicking to occur through the soil. So, I started watering and fertilizing from the top and the plants are (mostly) thriving.

I left town last week for four days. When I left town the plant had three green tomatoes on it. When I returned, there were seventeen!

The olla tomatoes are recovering from the physiological leaf roll (too much water from our monsoon a few weeks ago) and the tomatoes are looking good and tasting great. Thanks Lubbock Master Gardeners for these hardy plants.

This locust was hanging out on the back fence and I liked the look of him. So here he is for you to see. If you want a little locust info to ruminate - all locusts are grasshoppers but not all grasshoppers are locusts. Don't even get me started on crickets!

This locust was on the sweet pepper plant. I snapped this pic and then relocated her to the four-o'clock jungle at the east end of the yard.

Other news, my second try at vermicomposting was a dismal failure. It's too snagging hot here to try that in July.

My friend the grackle girl once again hung out while I mowed. She scarfed up lots of juicy bugs. It's good to have neighbors. We also have a young mockingbird hanging out and being a punk. He seems to have a strong dislike for bluejays and is keeping the pretty boys (and the neighbor's cat) at bay.

May your experiments bring you this much joy and tasty food!

Thanks for reading!