Friday, July 3, 2015

Minipost: Two project beginnings and a gecko surprise

More humble beginnings

Okay, so it's not much progress, but Knippa helped me drag Electropigeon #1 out of the back room and place it on the motorcycle stand. The journey of a thousand amps.... (For you gas-o-holics out there, we also dragged his Vespa Rally project to his house and placed it on his motorcycle stand.)

Also, I ordered 500 red wigglers from Uncle Jim so we can begin vermicomposting soon. Worm woohoo everybody!

Cooler than the Geico spokeslizard - but they may be cousins

And I added some produce scraps to the compost box today and saw this little dude hanging out - a Mediterranean house gecko. He's doubled in size since the last time we encountered each other.

May your green projects flourish and attract exotic and interesting visitors!

Happy Independence Day!