Monday, July 6, 2015

Lubbock Local Wildlife: random picture post 7-15

If you are like me, life is better when you get to see wild creatures. I've seen lots of cool (and small) wildlife lately and wanted to share. I have also seen two orioles, a hummingbird, and a yellowjacket (stinging my hand), but I did not get any photos to share.
Tiny toad - South Lubbock (Thanks for the photo, KB!)
Not-so-tiny toad South Lubbock

Carp schooling in a Lubbock park

Fingerling catfish schooling in the same Lubbock park

Llama crossing sign in a garage I visited
A butterfly on my porch
Gecko in the compost box
Red-lettuce flowers in the food-is-free planter
(check out the depth of field!)
May mother nature be happy to see you with your phone/camera!