Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Lubbock Local Wildlife: No Dog Park, But a Great Frog Park!

We've been a little worried about Sasha lately. She's been a little listless and whiny since the fabulous young lady left for college. We're not sure if she has been depressed or if her stomach is hurting from eating a whole package (4 sticks!) of butter while we were unpacking groceries. (She's a rather artful dodger at grocery time.) So, yesterday she and I went for a walk around our favorite park, and she perked right up. I don't think it was the park per se. I think it was the special attention and a fraggle of frogs. Big frogs! Bullfrogs!

Things are drying up.

Big Bob (or Bertha)

More big uns!

Lots of smaller frogs facing the sun

Frog in duckweed

Lots of frogs in duckweed

a 2" catfish

For non-fish non-amphibian people

Feeling so much better!

In case you don't take Sasha's word for the importance of spending time in nature, here's another article from the Vibrant Wellness Journal:

10 Reasons that Nature Time Is Important (I like 6 and 9, Sasha goes for 4 and 8.)

Bonus: Frog Video!!!
May you get away from it all and be better for the experience!