Monday, September 21, 2015

More ElectroPigeon Progress!!!

It's been a great Saturday morning! An hour of coffee/writing/blogging followed by two hours of shop time - I feel quite wealthy today!

ElectroPigeon 1 is now a frame and fork. I was excited to learn that both Pigeons are rare birds - they both have front brakes!!!! (You probably have to be me to be that excited about it.)

The EVT 168 came out of storage...

...and went on a drastic diet.
All that so that we could get to this - a 10" brushless hub motor (48 volt), a disc brake, and a swingarm. This will be motivation and stopping for the pigeon.

Just in case you were wondering, this used to be the Pigeon's motivation - a 4-stroke 4.5 horsepower motor.

There is a little welding to done, but the EVT swingarm fits in pretty nicely - definitely better than expected. And, using a hub motor definitely leaves a lot of space for the batteries and controller. It also helps to keep the center of gravity low.

The original front inner tube - it's red rubber! A Yokohama - made in japan!

May your projects flourish!