Wednesday, September 16, 2015

National Drive Electric Week: Popular Mechanics and Vintage DIY WeirdCoolness

I didn't know it, I was just a kid, but I grew up in a heyday of electric cars, and the charge was all documented and promoted in Popular Mechanics magazine. My grandfather kept a subscription, and I loved reading the magazine and checking out the ads in the back. For an 8-12 year-old, the electric vehicles were truly droolworthy stuff!

And lots more cool plans! (My fave is the Boonie Bug)
When the world is all crazy for Leafs and Teslas and Volts and so forth and so on, you may be wondering why I chose the Popular Mechanics article for today. Well, Craigslist got me again. I went to see what motorcycles were lurking around the area and found this little three-point diamond:
And now my overactive brain is scheming and dreaming. At 72 volts, this could be a mean green machine, at least as mean as you'd want in a delta trike. Oh the possibilities. Someone please buy this beast, yank the VW motor out, and make the Leaf and Volt drivers green with envy at next year's Lubbock National Drive Electric Week! If you build it, I will host the event!
May your journey to green be anything but boring!