Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Spark in the Quest for a DIY Folding Bike

Last year there was a vintage Bianchi folding bike for sale on the local Craigslist. I watched it drop from $150 to $100 to $50. And I struggled. I want less stuff. I have too many bikes. I have no use for a folding bike. It finally sold. I was relieved.

Then I started traveling a little bit for work. I even went to an unfamiliar town or two. And I wished for a folding bike to have hauled along. I started searching for a folding bike. No such luck. Timing is indeed everything.

Then I stopped traveling, and the itch went away.

Lately, I have been riding the bus a little. And that "last-mile vehicle" concept has started making sense to me. The bus stops are 1/4 mile from my house and 3/4 mile from my job. (That Flykly scooter I wrote about a few weeks ago is looking much cooler now.) And I have been looking at folding bikes again. There is a cool Dahon folding bike on Craigslist now. I have watched it drop from $150 to $130, but I am really cheap broke.

Someone go buy this thing (so I won't be tempted)!
So, where does this leave me in my quest? It's gonna have to be a DIY affair. I  keep looking at DIY folding bikes, but I haven't seen many that looked feasible for a man with my limited skills, money, tools, and time...
...until this morning. Some cool Euro bike dude posted an Instructable that has my brain and fingers itching. Will I build one? Probably not, but the next best thing might be to inspire you to build one. Check it out!
Now, where's that scaffold hardware catalog and a set of calipers? I know they're around here somewhere.
May you upcycle your cycle and may you take each other everywhere!