Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Mesquite Hugger 2016 Christmas wishlist: Citicar!

I haven't really wanted much stuff for Christmas - the Radwagon does not count, does it? - but that all changed today.

It's no secret that I am a fan of electric cars. It's no secret that I like quirky things, vintage things, and occasionally things that other people think are really ugly. Which leads me to the little Floridian electric supercar - well, it was an electric supercar until that Tesla car came along.

(Learn more here: Vintage Electric Car Profile: the almighty Sebring Vanguard Citicar! )

So there I was, stupidly inviting temptation by hopping on Ebay and typing "electric car" when I saw it: my favorite blue, very reasonably priced, mostly restored, nicely upgraded, and only one state over.

Isn't she love(ug)ly?

What a beautiful face (with an ugly bumper)
I saw an article today where Carlos Ghosn (head cheese #1 at Nissan) said now is the time to go electric if we want to avoid global climate catastrophe. Carlos, I hear you, man!
Now where was that grant application for buying a vintage EV one state over? Where is that anonymous wealthy benefactor Charles Dickens was telling me about the other day? Carlos, Elon, Lewellyn, Leno, hook a blogger up!
May your green dreams be as much fun as mine and maybe a little less love(ug)ly!
Happy holidays!