Monday, January 4, 2016

Lubbock Poor Boy Electric Almost Cargo Bike Plan

I've not progressed much since high school. Some might even say that I have regressed, but not me. I used to sit in class struggling to keep the old brain engaged. It wandered off a lot. You could see it in my notes - drawings of things with wheels. I drew Lamborghinis, muscle cars, and occasional VW Beetles.
These days I sketch less. I still draw things with wheels, but they are greener and cheaper. My artistic skills definitely haven't improved. This drawing is from late December:
A sketch of the plan
Pretty basic stuff -  mountain bike frame, rear rack, front basket, front hub motor, bottle battery, and a connection point for a one-wheeled trailer. This is my current vision of the carbon-neutral family truckster. While it's no Yuba/Xtracycle/Radwagon (of my dreams), it is the dream bike of my budget. I think I have all the pieces except for suitable tires, a front basket, and the time to get it together. I also need to make some panniers or saddlebags or whatever, but I have most everything else.

(Coincidentally, my mother has a new decoration on her end table and it bears a strong resemblance to my sketchbike.)
So, that's the new year's electric bike plan. I hope to share pics relatively soon.
As for the non-electric pedal bikes...
The Motobecane
...the old Motobecane mountain-bike-turned-commuter will get a small rack and better all-weather tires...
The front wheel wobbles a bit.
...and the mountain-bike-turned-bmx will hopefully get an unbent front rim.
Why all of this mid-winter bicycle scheming?
Well, it's time to get back on the bike and to do what I can to lighten the damage I do in my commute. It's time to get healthier. It's time to save some money. It's time to take a step closer to the man I strive to be.
Three upcycled-garage-sale-bikes - will they be enough to keep one fat boy from burning much gasoline in 2016? Will they keep me burning fat? I will keep you posted after all of this snow melts.
May your plans for a better, healthier 2016 - be they great or small - flourish!