Tuesday, January 5, 2016

MH 2016 and a Big Old Smudge of Vanity


I realized at 9 o'clock this morning that my button-down collar was not buttoned down. I have lots of those moments where I realize that something is unbuttoned, unshaven, not tucked in, or smeared with something gross and has been that way for hours. I need to mirror check myself constantly (but I don't.)

On the other hand, each time I log into my computer I zoom to the Mesquite Hugger blog stats to see how many people are clicking on. We all have our vanities, and this blog is my biggest. [My ego cries out, "Please read my blog - my self-esteem depends on it! I need the validation!"]

More to the point, I have this vanity because I love writing this blog. On the days when I don't blog, I still write. I have since 1989. I love to write. While there is a lot of vanity in it, there is also a lot of searching for a better path or a better understanding. I hope each of you has a way in which you can check yourself before you....get yourself in a nasty collision.

In the next twenty-four hours, Mesquite Hugger will receive its 25,000th page view. Thank you!

So where do we go from here?

As spring looms, the two biggest focuses will be bicycles and gardening. Both play readily into the quest for Personal Carbon Reduction, for being healthy, and for saving money. They also fall squarely in the middle of the MIWB (man I want to be) theme that is my brain's elevator music.

Bicycle themes:
Hauling cargo
Electric versus pedal-only
Car replacement
Bike lanes and safety
Any cool DIY thing, Instructable, or crowdfunding thing

Gardening themes:
More Ollas!!!
My new plan to build a convertible - a raised bed, self-watering garden that turns into a greenhouse in spring and fall!
Larger quantities
Composting and (maybe) another attempt at vermicomposting
Another run at small-scale aquaponics

Other stuff that will definitely pop up on MH:
electric cars for common folk (and ways to charge them)
vintage electric cars
getting off the gas (and diesel and coal and so much more)
solar power
recycling, upcycling, and conservation
pet adoption
alternative housing (tiny houses, earthships, shipping containers...)
wildlife conservation and appreciation
less stuff - more life
(hopefully) electric Pigeon progress

A little non-sequiturial self-promotion:
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The most important message on the page:
Thank you!!! Thank you for taking the time to read this blog! Thank you for each and every act that points this world to a better place!

May you be blessed with joy, health, and optimism in 2016, Dear Reader!