Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Lubbock - Here's your chance to help save humanity! (CCL)

Are you that other Lubbockite like me? The one that sees a need to do something about our changing world but you're not sure where to start? Are you tired of everyone pointing fingers but accomplishing nothing?

Me, I don't want to fight with anybody. I want to work with others - with all others - to fix the problems. Let's talk about and work towards limiting and reversing climate change. Who cares if it's man-made, god(s)-made, Mother-Nature-made, Barney-the-Dinosaur-made, or just way too many cow farts? If there's a hole in your boat, it doesn't matter how it got there (or who put it there), it matters that you stop the flow of water into the boat.

A little perspective:

The two slides that follow are from A Climate for Change - a presentation by Dr. Katharine Hayhoe. (Thanks, Dr. H!!!)

This is the stat that we keep seeing lately - each new year becomes the hottest year on record.

This graph hits me the hardest. We were actually in a cooling trend until the Industrial Revolution. Look at that spike at the end! And this is concrete, measurable data - not someone's far-fetched theory or agenda.
I don't know about you, but that last graph is what terrifies me for our future and makes me want to do something about it.
A group that is working to do something:
So here's my pitch. This Thursday evening, the local chapter of the Citizens Climate Lobby will be meeting at Mahon Library in downtown Lubbock from 5pm-6pm.
What's this CCL thing all about? It's pretty simple actually. The CCL is a group that is working to limit carbon production and carbon release and to do so in a way that creates economic growth. In the US, the CCL's approach is bipartisan and strives to encourage all political parties and social/spiritual groups to work together to acknowledge and tackle a common problem - climate change. And they seek to do it on a large and impactful scale.
Does this approach appeal to you? If so, please join us on Thursday evening, or go to the Citizens Climate Lobby website to learn more. Here is your chance to get involved with a group that seeks positive change for a healthier future.
May we all work together to make this world a healthy place, and may our efforts be enough to make it happen.
Citizens Climate Lobby Meeting - Lubbock
Mahon Library 1306 9th Street
Thursday, February 4, 5-6pm
Point of contact: matt.kovalski@ttu.edu