Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lubbock on a Bike: Bridget Hauls Stuff

Last week was a good one for biking. Summer weather in February? Yep, we had it. Terrifyfing on the climate hand, but really great bike weather on the other. I pulled off an ultra-rare fivefecta - I commuted on a bike to work all five days! Four days on the regular bike and one day on electric Bridget. I also rode Bridget for two errands on Saturday. Low-budget Personal Carbon Reduction transportation indeed! 
8 gallons of water! (It was a wobbly ride!)

64lb payload and no kickstand!
A few more upgrades and the workhorse will be complete - panniers and a kickstand need to be found or built, and the lower-power controller is in the mail.
Who needs an electric pickup? Or a Leaf? Or even an old Prius? (Admittedly, I'd take any of them, but I'd still ride the bike as much as possible.)
The moral of this story? Yes, carbon neutral on a budget is very possible for an obese middle-aged guy with high blood pressure.
May you find your carbon neutral steed(s) and have as much fun as I am having!