Thursday, February 25, 2016

Vintage Electric Car: Double the Zagato Elcar Fun!

In October of 2014, I posted a profile of the Zagato Elcar - a tiny Italian electric car that that showed the dangers of leaving a Citicar alone for too long with a Maytag washer. And people have really liked that post, so I knew I would be remiss if I failed to share this with you, Dear Reader.

There are two (Yes, two!!!) Elcars for sale on Ebay right now. California? Kansas? I have never seen two on the market at the same time. Actually, these are only the second and third I have seen for sale at all. (I hope you want a blue one.)

This one is in Santa Rosa, California. What is it with Santa Rosa and electric vehicles? With four days to go the bid is still low. It has some virtues - clear registration, it kind of runs. Somebody hop to it.

Much closer to home is this Elcar in Topeka, Kansas. It's going to need batteries and some work, but it does have a black racing stripe - that has to be worth something, right? Act quickly, this auction closes today!

You know how the Mesquite Hugger loves vintage Eye-tallions!
May your dream vehicle be less dorky and even more enviro-friendly than mine!