Thursday, March 31, 2016

14 Random Pics, Updates, and a Mockingbird Serenade

  1. This morning's sunrise - all taken on Salem Avenue on my morning bike commute. (Good ride!)
  2. Table display from last night's Heart of Lubbock Community Garden Fundraiser (Much fun - donate!)
  3. AJ article from Tuesday about Texas Agrilife's Russ Wallace and his amazing strawberry operation. (Be watching for the Strawberry Edition of the Lubbock Downtown Farmers' Market in the next few weeks.)
  4. A blurry pic of our first tomato flower from the new MH Instructable planter.
  5. Life springing (from what we thought were) dead prickly pear fragments on our back porch
  6. Knippa rocking some cool shades from our epic adventure to the Goodwill Pound Store to get messenger bags for my bicycle pannier project.
  7. What's left of my grandfather's armadillo sign (I have loved that sign for years)
  8. The geckos are growing (in the compost box)
  9. Things are getting cheap at the Sun Adventure Going-out-of-Business sale. It stinks that they are closing, but it is a great time for you to get ready to ride this spring and summer. Do yourself a favor - ride a bike as often as possible.
  10. Lost and Found Goat on Lubbock Nextdoor this week
  11. Feeling all legit with my new upcycled business cards!
  12. West Texas Cycling Association bumper sticker spotted in the Covenant parking garage.
  13. This giant soccer ball brought mirth to my Monday morning ride.
  14. Little purple flowers from Saturday's Yellowhouse Coffee stroll. 

We have been blessed with lots of mockingbirds this season. This one made my day.
May your photos reflect growth, joy, progress, hope, and may they help you to recognize your blessings.