Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Lubbock on a Bike: Shops, Bike Racks, and Feeling Welcome

Tell me it ain't true!
This one breaks my heart for a few reasons. First, it is the bike shop closest to my house. Second, the customer service was great AND a very friendly Australian shepherd greeted you at the door. The last reason is in the pic. That "store closing" sign is on a bike rack - one of two bike racks in front of the store.
When it comes to bike commuting and infrastructure, I believe in the Field of Dreams philosophy - If you build it they will come ride.
Sun Adventure is/was the only bike store in town with a bike rack out front for customers. And I have loved that about them. I like businesses that actively promote and encourage local cyclists, and it seems like no one would want to do that more than a bike shop. Sure, you can always find a tree or a light post or a street sign, but that's just one more reminder your town gives little thought to those who ride.
So, Lubbock cyclists, please help me out here. Help me spread the word about businesses who do provide a bike rack, who make an effort to make a cyclist feel welcome. Please email or tweet photos of your favorite local business. MesquiteHugger@gmail.com or @mesquitehugger.
May you patronize businesses that support you in turn.