Monday, March 14, 2016

Lubbock Local Wildlife: tiny spring harbinger with sticky feet

It's a bleary morning. I thought to post about my unhappiness with Daylight Saving Time (again) or to discuss time management (again), but then I remembered the overall focus around here (hugging mesquites) and decided to post a very bright point from the weekend. The first lizard of spring.

Item in photo is much smaller in real life (unless you are viewing it on a small smartphone)!
This little sticky-footed reptile was in the compost box yesterday evening. I actually spotted it and a sibling in the box a few days ago, but I had no camera at the ready. As for details, the little fellow is barely over an inch and is a Mediterranean gecko. What is most exciting for me is that I watched its parent grow up in the compost box last year. In my estimation, if your gardening practices foster generations of geckos, you must be doing something right. Daylight Saving be damned!
A picture of the parent last September - about 5" long
May we (I) stop griping and focus on the things that are going well!