Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sidebar: I hate Daylight Saving Time

I have for years.

Mostly, I am a creature of habit. I work hard to keep my wake and sleep patterns consistent, but twice a year I am forced to reset it all. And it's a shame. I get into a groove where I can appreciate the sunrise and the sunset with a natural circadian rhythm. But DST screws it all up! There are a few weeks of blurriness and disorientation when I curse more, eat more, and drink more coffee. I find myself scrambling for melatonin or valerian root. It's a bad, bad time at the MH house.

The more I commute on a bike, the more I hate DST. People drive noticeably worse in the weeks following DST. They leave later [sic], drive faster, run more lights, pay less attention, and make it much harder for us bike people to arrive alive.

For years, I thought my DST rant was just me being grouchy, but a movement is brewing. My wife (who adores John Oliver) sent me video from John's pronouncing the stupidity of DST. It makes some really great points.

Yesterday I was thumbing through twitterspace and ran across a group at that is campaigning to end this temporal atrocity. I may be finding my people after all.

So, you're probably thinking to yourself, Hmmm, Mesquite Hugger, what does that have to do with Mesquite Hugger-ism? Here is your answer: Why daylight saving time is bad for the environment.

May we sleep better, snagit!

PS. You might want to avoid next week's posts - it could get grouchy up in here. Now where's my stash of Sleepy Time Tea?

PPS. Should I worry about my wife and the John Oliver obsession?