Wednesday, March 2, 2016

An Electric Vehicle I am Even More Excited about! (Big Rig!) UPDATED

[Well, Snagit all to Midland! If it sounds too good to be true... Steve Hanley on Gas2 printed a follow-up story today that shows this story is probably a falsehood. I apologize for relaying the info without further research. Hold onto the dream, y'all! Oakridge Battery Breakthrough Appears to Be Vaporware]
Today's electric truck news is even bigger than this!

Yesterday I posted about the Morgan EV3, which is a work of art and a dream come true and lots of stuff like that. Unfortunately, it's also a rich man's toy that will get driven once in a great while and will make very little positive environmental impact. (But it is nice to dream.)

So let's head in the other direction. Maybe something hyper practical that can make a huge positive impact...

How about a big, electric, made-in-the-USA truck that can haul 80,000 pounds and has a 400 mile range? Yep, that'd do it.

Freedom Trucking of Minnesota is working with Oakridge Global Energy Solutions of Florida to create just such a truck. Freedom hopes to run these trucks  from Minneapolis to Chicago daily beginning later this year. This is huge! Replacing big truck diesel-powered miles with electron-powered miles could drastically reduce our carbon release. If the trucking company embraces solar charging, the impact could be even greater.

For you locals, this truck could run from Lubbock to Dallas with battery power to spare. Just two of those trips could have more positive impact on the environment than a full year of me riding a bike to work while leaving the car at home. Huge, I tell you! I am ready to see cash for clunkers on big rigs! We could have us a convoy of mean, clean, and green!

If you want to learn more, check out this article from Steve Hanley on Gas 2.

May this convoy get started and may we all breathe easier!