Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Falling in Love Again: the Morgan EV3

If you hang around here much, you know me as a guy who looks longingly at cars like these:

Yep, there's a whole lotta ugly going on here!
But I have not always been this way. If you'd caught me earlier in life, my collection would've looked like these:

(From an early age, I have loved cars. Lots of cars. I still love cars. Realizing just how much environmental damage we've been doing with something I enjoy so much has been rough. It's what has driven me to quest for carbon-free transport.)
 But if you'd caught me somewhere in the middle, you might see this:
Or this:
Those two cars are Morgans. And I really really like Morgans. I do think they are beautiful, but there's a lot more to it. Morgan Motor Company is a very small English car company that has been hand-crafting cars since the era of the Ford Model T. Each Morgan is an accomplishment and a work of art rather than a product. In the world of inanimate objects, very few things have this much soul. (Did I mention that I really like Morgans?)
And now there is this:
The Morgan EV3 (Sigh)
Morgan just put out a press release for the all-electric EV3. Morgan has been experimenting with electrics for a while, but this car is a big departure from their earlier offerings. Lots of info is available on the Morgan website. It should be on the market in the latter part of this year. Range is up around 150 miles. Top speed is around 90 mph. The price should be somewhere around $50,000- quite a bit less than a Tesla Model X. So very cool!
Here is a link to the Autoblog Green article with two great videos.
So, do I have plans to take out a second mortgage and put down a deposit? No. If I had the extra cash lying around, would I buy one? No. But it's nice to know that it exists. As we get closer to EV mainstream, it's nice to see that Morgan is still with us and that craftsmanship is not being left behind as the auto evolves.
May the wind in your hair not be provided by Exxon, Shell, or BP.