Friday, March 18, 2016

Fossil Free Friday: Leapin Lectric Leopards, Batman!

[Blame it on Ebay - again!]

You know me and the quest for funky vintage electric vehicles. (One day I will stumble across an Auranthetic Charger or a Citicar, snagit!) A while back a guy a few blocks away from me replaced his fence. And there it was, a boxy little French two-door hatchback. I saw it and my heart leapt! Could it be? Is there really a Lectric Leopard just a few blocks from my house? No. Upon closer inspection, it was just a Le Car.

How many of you remember the Renault Le Car?

I never really wanted one.

How many of you speed freaks remember the Renault R5 Turbo?

Oh, how I wanted one in 1986!

Okay, how many of you remember the Lectric Leopard?

Nope, that's a cheetah and a panther

Yep, it would be the second car at the Mesquite Hugger corporate office.
This one is for sale on Ebay...
...and it is practically in my state. Actually, it's in Sunland Park, New Mexico which is practically a part of El Paso, Texas and right on the border with Chihuahua, Mexico. It's a Franco-American with a heavy Tex-Mexican accent! This little sapphire is only $3500 (so far) and nobody is bidding yet.

Yep, I want one.

Loving the light switch!
The Lectric Leopard was built (or re-fitted) as an electric vehicle by U.S. Electricar, a company known for selling new, electrified versions of gas-powered vehicles. (I would love to have one of their Chevrolet S-10s, one of the most legitimate electric trucks ever sold in the states.) They produced electric vehicles until the mid-nineties.
Want to learn more? Check out this French site for a good start. Or check out these EVAlbum pages:
(This is just a sampling - there are several others.)
In your quest for a carbon-neutral vehicle, may the car behind the fence be your dream come true.