Saturday, April 2, 2016

Haul Stuff on Bike: DIY Upcycled Panniers (saddlebags, y'all)

Now, If I just had a bike rack...

Well, I did not win the $500 gift card for a Radwagon this week. (Then there's that cheap/broke thing.) On the same note: Xtracycle Leap - sigh, Yuba Mundo - sigh. My cargobike dreams have been including GeoOrbital Wheels lately too. Sigh.

So, I have been back to the poor-boy-DIY-haul-stuff-on-a-bike kick again. Motoby and Bridget both have rear racks, but I have still been backpacking it.

It was time for the next step - panniers.

{If you are from West Texas, you pronounce that word "pan-e-uhrs". If you are Knippa, you pronounce that word "pan-yays". (Knippa is from West Texas too, but he has been to France and sometimes sticks his pinkie out while drinking and critiquing coffee. [I am a little bitter with Knippa - he keeps sending me picks of the scooter rally he is attending this weekend.]:-)}

The adventure started a few weeks ago with:

  1. a trippy Instructables-inspired dream
  2. a trip to the Goodwill Pound Store for a few bags (pay by the pound)
  3. a trip to the hardware store
  4. a trip to the garage for a drill, a knife, a hammer, a marker, a screwdriver, and a wrench

Now I have two pan-yays, one from a messenger bag (low volume) and one from a sports bag (medium volume). I have less than $20 in both and each took about 30 minutes. I think I may have found my calling:

Mesquite Hugger's Home for Wayward Pan-yays!

Maybe next I'll go high volume with some kitty litter boxes!

May you haul a lot of good stuff and not drive your stinky, polluting car!