Wednesday, April 27, 2016

It's almost here - National Bike Challenge 2016

I am excited! It's time for the National Bike Challenge. It starts this Sunday.

This is my third year. Before I joined the NBC, I questioned whether I could do it, whether I would follow through. I was overweight, overstressed, and very short of breath. And a five-mile ride to work was very intimidating.

Now I am still overweight, but 20 pounds lighter. I am still stressed, but manageably so. It takes a lot more for me to be winded. Five miles these days is no big deal (unless I am running late.) In short, life is getting better.

There are a hundred good reasons for you to join. You probably know most of them better than I do. What have you got to lose other than weight and debt?

May you pedal your way to a much better life.

For you electric bicycle fans, I found this little tidbit in the FAQ section of the NBC website.

Now, if I just had a pedal-assisted bike...
Thank you, NBC for working to get more people out there on a bike and out of a car!
[One small disclaimer - the NBC has a brand-new website and they are still having a few teething pains. Be patient - it'll be worth it!]