Saturday, April 9, 2016

Saturday Morning Counting

Sure, it's a terrible pic, but it's a beautiful sight

My grandfather grew up in the depression. When I knew him, the depression was long past, but you could see it in his actions and motivations all through his life. There is a ghost of hard times that clings to us.

The drought of the last few years is that for me. This dry spring has scared me a bit. Rain in this part of the country has always been a little scarce and something to be savored, but these days it's more desperately precious.

I sat outside the coffee house this morning, thanking the Lord for this morning's blessing in a dry land.

While I am being thankful...

Toni, Brittany, Vickie, Dustin, and the rest of the family
John, Keith, Chris, and all those who gather around the coffee table
Larry, Julie, and Brandon who stay on my heart more than they will ever know
Spencer and Jereme
My coworkers
The dogs who force me to smile every morning
Free will (even if it gives me the opportunity to be stupid and weird and overwhelmed)
The freedom of a bicycle
The security of a home
The people who choose to strive for a healthier world for all
The people who choose to read this blog (we hit 30,000 views this week)

May you remember to count and appreciate your blessings, and may that list be the thing that overwhelms you.