Monday, May 23, 2016

Frankensteen Gardening: Re-Animating Veggie and Lumber Scraps

This is so simple! Buy the right veggies. Eat them. Put the scraps in a little water and give them a little sun. Watch them grow.

My lovely wife and my not-so-lovely self have been discussing veggie re-animation a lot lately, so she started with Romaine lettuce a little while back. In a short period of time we had a pretty amazing little plant, so I transplanted it into the food-is-free planter. Overnight it was mowed down by a marauding herd of roly polies. We cried a bit, and then she started over four days ago.

Celery with four days growth

Romaine lettuce with four days growth

The top view

If you want to learn more and want to Frankensteen your own veggies, here's a link to get you started: 17 Plants You Grow from Kitchen Scraps. There are lots of similar articles, but I chose this one based on the blog name - Black Thumb Gardener. (Be sure to check out the DIY concrete planter on that site.)

I also built a planter holder to hide my not-so-lovely 5-gallon bucket planters this weekend. All of the wood came from a house being re-animated about a block away from our house. Mostly rafters and floor boards.
This pallet and those two boards became a pallet planter too. More on both of these to come. The local alleys have provided nicely of late.
May you stand in your garden at midnight and yell, "It's alive!" (It's very invigorating, but the neighbors will wonder.)