Friday, May 20, 2016

Lubbock on a Bike: National Ride to Work Day is here!

It's a small accomplishment, but I did ride to work today.

So, have you ever tried it? In case you haven't, I will tell you a little about my bike commute.

(The hand-me-down mountain bike is slowly transitioning to commuter - rear rack, taller handlebars, home-made pannier, and lights. Still to come are a front rack, a bell, a mirror, and more streetable tires.)
It was a chilly, foggy morning. The temp was in the high 50's. I really love riding in light fog. My friends always say it reminds them of Seattle. I always think London. (I've never been to either, but I like the foreign feel of heavy, lingering moisture. It's a tiny vacation for someone who grew up in West Texas.)

A five mile commute was very intimidating a few years ago. Now it's a comfortable distance. I'm not ready for a triathlon, but at 47, I am capable of much more than I was at 40. I hope the trend continues!

(No spandex for this fat boy! Lubbock, you are very  welcome!)
For me, the days are better when I ride than when I don't. Besides the whole save-the-planet thing (which is really big in my thinking), my brain works better on ride days. I stay awake and focused better. I am less likely to get caught up in negativity, gossip, and discouragement. I enjoy the commute in both directions. And I notice more about the place in which I live. In this very busy life, it is a time that feeds my soul rather than pounding at my stress.
I can't promise that a bike commute will be as worthwhile for you, but I do recommend that you give it a try.
May you find a daily practice that offers you (and the world) so much goodness.
PS. Always invest in thorn-resistant tubes on your commuter bike.