Saturday, July 9, 2016

Saturday Ramblings: July 2016

I opened the Bible to Daniel this morning. I wanted to see a man living faithful to God and self in the midst of an overwhelming culture, a man who rises above being enslaved and having his identity changed. I am seeking a role model. I need a role model.

These feel like dark times.

Yesterday morning started with a dark conversation with a close friend. This was followed by a dark conversation with my boss. Then a co-worker came over to tell me of the violence in Dallas.

My lens is now much darker. As the temperature rises, so do violence and hatred.

In my better moments, that has me praying and seeking role models like Daniel and Gandhi. In my weaker moments it has me seeking distraction like electric cars and cargo bikes.

May our legacies be defined by our better moments and our pursuit of peace for all. May we not be derailed by bullets, anger, or modern distractions.

May you know peace.