Tuesday, August 23, 2016

My Dream EV - My Wife's Nightmare

My greatest EV dream is a small, street-legal, electric truck. I'd happily settle for a small hybrid truck.

Apparently, my wife married a man with odd tastes. I used to drive a less shiny version of this:

And I think this is cooler than the Batmobile:

And I have wanted one of these since I was 10 years old:

Do you see a pattern evolving here? But you may have noticed that I went through a radical conversion a few years back. The conversion has to do with finding ways to drastically reduce the damage we are doing to the planet that supports us. So now my dream vehicles burn little or no gas (or diesel or propane). I keep hoping Nissan will offer up a battery powered small truck...

...or Toyota will pry out a Prius pickup, but it just doesn't seem to be happening. Sigh...

So there I was browsing through Ebay this week when I saw a version of what I've been hoping for: a slug-bug electric truck!

The bed does seem a bit shallow.

It's definitely out of my price range.

It looks like it's a 96 volt, lead-acid battery setup and has about a 25-mile range. More  importantly, it's PDC - pretty dang cool! But I can hear my wife, "I don't get it. It can't decide if it's a car or a truck. It needs to be one or the other."

But love is blind - she told me a few weeks ago that she'd love me even if I brought home an old Ford Ranchero. Yep, she loves me!

If only it were electric. Sigh... (Find it here.)

May you haul your stuff greenly, funkily, and joyfully! (And my your baby love you, too!)