Saturday, August 27, 2016

Radwagon Reviews

I get pretty steady emails from a number of electric and cargo bike makers. You might think it's because I am a big-time blogger, but it's actually because I subscribed to their email lists.

Rad Power Bikes emails me the most often. Most of their emails tell me when RadMinis and/or RadRovers are back in stock. And I am always a little disappointed that there's never any RadWagon news. (I wonder if the big bike is not the big seller the other two are? That would make sense - not everyone is quite ready to go full-on cargo-bike hardcore-ism. Am I?) So I was pretty excited earlier this week when they emailed me about an update to the RadWagon - it turned blue!

I don't really want the blue one - the orange one matches my safety vest and such, but it does turn out to be pretty good marketing. You see, I've had Radwagons on the brain all week since receiving the email. As I've been researching all the cool roadster bikes for this week's posts, that $1599 cargo bike with 48 volts and 750 watts and lots of cool features sounds like a heck of a bargain.

But my worry with the RadWagon has been a quality thing. It's a whole lot of bike for the money. I have feared it was too much bike for the money. I figure it's a Chinese bike spec'ed by an American company, and I hope that nothing is lost in the translation. If you are looking for a bike to replace your car, you want that thing to be dependable. So I keep an eye out for Radwagon owner reviews.

You have to do a little searching, but the general consensus is that most owners are extremely happy with their Radwagon purchases:

The Syonyk Review - one of the most thorough reviews from a guy who knows e-bikes

Mr. Money Mustache (This one is a bit of a stretch - the Radwagon shows up several times in the comments - not the article, but it's compelling stuff.)

Radwagon discussion on Reddit

Radwagon anybody? (From Bike Forums)

Big, powerful, orange beast from Seattle (and elsewhere) you have me e-bike tempted. I guess I need to go home and find something to sell. Let's see. $1599 + $175 shipping...maybe I need to find a few things to sell.

May you find a green (and possibly orange) form of transport to get you around joyfully.

PS. For those of you getting tired of two-wheelers, I got a new phonecamera lense for my birthday and National Drive (Not "Ride") Electric Week fast and silently approaches. So there should be a bit more diversity in upcoming posts. Hang in there and pursue green heartily! Our planet needs you!