Thursday, August 11, 2016

Xtra Xtra: Cargo Bikes on Texas Craigslist (Bike Dorks Only!)

You know me and the quest for a cargo bike. An early-on front-runner for an accessible cargo bike for me was the Xtracycle FreeRadical. About the time I decided to buy one, they stopped making them (in order to develop and sell a newer improved version called the Xtracycle Leap. The FreeRadical is the revolutionary kit to turn almost any bicycle into a cargo bike. Very cool stuff.
So, I keep up the Craigslist cargo bike search, and recently I've run across two used FreeRadicals somewhat nearby, and both are reasonably priced:
This first one is in Austin AND it comes attached to a rather sweet Specialized bike. At $350, it's one of the best deals I've seen on a complete longtail cargo bike. It's at the North Austin Bike Farm. Be sure to check out their website - they have a pair of really sweet Cetma cargo bikes for sale too - but they definitely fall out of the MH budgetary realm.

This one hails from the Dallas area. You may notice that it has no wheels - this is the DIY kit to put on your own bike. At $250 (with all the accessories!) it's a sweet deal for those of you who already have a bike you love but want to be able to haul lots more stuff. Hmm...
If you pick one up, be sure to let us know what you think!
May you find better than you're looking for! (and save the world in the process)