Monday, November 14, 2016

Low-Hanging Eco-Friendly Fruit 4B: Meatless Monday in Lubbock (Recommendations)

While I am sure many of you freaked out and shut your computer down a little way through the last Meatless Monday post, I am hoping that you had a little time to digest the idea and decided to come back.


  1. This post is aimed at people in the Lubbock area
  2. These are vegetarian, not vegan recommendations
  3. I apologize to all the real vegetarians out there!
  4. This list is woefully incomplete, but it's a place for you to get started on Meatless Monday

So, let me be pretty honest. I am not a vegetarian, but I play one on the Internet. (Just kidding) I am not a full-time vegetarian, but I am married to one. So, I have a daily glimpse of what it takes to eat meat-free in Lubbock. Also, my research into man-made climate change has given me a glimpse into the damage we do in the name of eating meat. I generally go meat free about three days per week and eat very little red meat.

The first lesson you learn when looking for meat-free meals is to look at foods from other countries. Asian, Mexican, European, Middle's much easier to skip the meat in these places. [I especially love Thai food -  Bangkok Thai (34th St) Thai Pepper (20th St), and Uncle Chein's (34th St) all make me very happy! Just make sure your destination is open on Monday.]


My wife's favorite veggie meal in town is Vegetables in Brown sauce at Uncle Chein's
My favorite veggie meal in town is the Hibachi Vegetables at Hayashi. (It's vastly cheaper during the lunch hour.)

Fast Food:

Taco Villa and Rosa's - Bean burritos, Chalupas, Cheese Enchiladas, Nachos
Freddy's - I love their veggie burgers
Freebirds - try the calabacitas - Yum!


West Crust - Veggiepotumus, Margherita, Cheese
Capitol Pizza - The Rabbit, Margherita, Cheese
One Guy - Veggie Calzone!
Domino's - The Pacific Veggie (Pizza or Sandwich)

Other places where it's pretty easy to skip the meat:

McAllisters - Potatoes, Soups, and Sandwiches
Potbelly - Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich and the Elvis (hold the bacon)
Fuddruckers - Veggie Burgers
Red Robin - Garden Burger
Subway - Veggie DeLite Sandwich
The Gastropub - the menu varies, but they always offer some great vegetarian dishes

May your Monday meal make a difference!