Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Pre-Heat: An Unsung Electric Car Luxury

It's really cool sharing an office with two electric car owners.

Matt has the Leaf and JG has the Fusion Energi. So I get to hear some of their comparison stories. As winter gets near, one simple difference between electric-powered and gas-powered gets more and more appealing.

[Sidebar - quick auto heater lesson: gasoline-powered cars depend on heat from their motors to warm up the passenger compartment. The motor has to warm itself up which heats up the antifreeze which flows through a little radiator under the dash. That's why you see so many people who start their cars in the morning and let them idle for quite a while before they jump in and drive them. If you are trying to cut back on fossil fuels and make life better for all earthlings, this is VERY counterproductive. Electric-powered cars, on the other hand, have electric heaters which heat up almost instantly.]

On Matt's Leaf, there is a heater timer button down by the driver's knee. So, If you jump in your Leaf at 7:30 every morning, you can set the timer to heat the car up at 7:25 every morning while the car is still sitting on the charger. You get to your car at 7:30 and find that it is 100% charged and already warm and toasty inside. That's the option for the organized people.  But that's not the only option. There are several.

For you less organized and more impromptu people, JG just logs into her Ford Electric App and turns the heater on in her car. So, let's say it's a cold day and she's working late. A few minutes before she shuts down her computer, she can heat up her car and defrost the windows. (This is all hypothetical since JG's husband loves the car and won't ever let her drive it.)

Would you like to learn more about this absolutely rocking feature? Check out this hot article from Transport Evolved:

May your tootsies be toasty as you drive past your ice-scraping neighbors this winter!