Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Green Green Car on Ebay! (MH Drool)

I know that not all of you read Mesquite Hugger because you want to be a Mesquite Hugger. Some of you read because you (like me) are infatuated with a little wedge-shaped electron burner from Florida called the "Citicar" or the "Comuta Car" depending on when or by whom it was built. Teslas and BMW i8's and such are fine for you normal folk, but some of us have a taste for the rare, the vintage, the slow, and the ugly! (I think there are three of us. So today's post is for us three!)

Love those tiny bumpers!

The Citicar is a significant piece of electric car history. Actually, it was the most successful American electric car in history until the Tesla came along. Not bad for such an unassuming little beast.

All the info
The exciting part is that this one looks a bit nicer than most, like it hasn't spent its life being neglected in someone's backyard. And it's green! And it's got some rocking hubcaps! And it just needs batteries! (They all need batteries.)
The drawbacks (for me) are that it's half-a-country away (Beaverton, Oregon) and that it costs money. Sure it looks like a reasonable amount of money, but that doesn't put it in the range of a guy who is saving his pennies to try to buy a budget model e-bike. So I am sharing it with you other two people in case you have a bigger budget and you want to give this beauty a loving home.

I could sit close to my lovely wife (if she'd be seen in the beast)

Road trip to Beaverton!

Cool old Ford in the garage too
May we all dream of greener options! (And follow through with our dreams.)

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