Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Sunrise over Lubbock

Yes, the world is changing, even here at Mesquite Hugger

There's been a struggle lately with what is worthwhile. This blog has been loosely built on finding fun, creative, and (hopefully) enjoyable ways for the individual to go green. It was never intended to be a bicycle blog or an electric vehicle blog. Honestly, my original vision was for it to be more of a West Texas nature and natural culture blog. I had hoped to spend more time seeking out the wilderness around me and pointing out that natural beauty can be found even in a place considered by most to be lifeless and devoid of beauty. (Obviously, that's not where it has ended up.)

Since the recent US presidential election and the president elect's cabinet nomination choices, writing about topics like recycling at home, riding a bike to work, rescuing turtles, and wanting weird little electric cars all seem really insignificant.

By looking at men like Rick Perry, Rex Tillerson, Myron Ebell, Scott Pruitt, Jeff Sessions, Trump is sending a very clear picture that he could not care less about any possible preservation of the natural world and its ability to support life for any of its inhabitants. I see a man concerned only with exploitation for profit with little or no thought of the consequences of his actions. And that terrifies me in light of how many billions of lives will be impacted by his actions and those of his staff.

May we find ways to deal with the significant while maintaining and improving our humanity.

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