Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Environmental Apathy

Great sunrises lately - what a blessing!

I found myself in great luxury this morning - I had quiet time to think and write. As a human, a writer, an environmentalist, and a Christian, I have been struggling lately and haven't found time to gather my thoughts.

So, I started writing and it quickly turned into a letter to the editor of the local paper. I intended to write a (somewhat) angry letter about our new president's cabinet picks. (These aren't climate deniers, they are environment destroyers, snagit!)

Instead, however, I went back to a Bible verse that often impacts my actions, James 4:17.

(James keeps me in line a lot.)
It's the verse that speaks to me each time I start up a gas-powered car or order a drink in a Styrofoam cup. It's the verse that drives my quest for Personal Carbon Reduction.

It's also the verse that points out my apathy.

I haven't contacted my local congressional representatives to ask them not to approve Rex, Rick, and Scott. Each time I contact them they tell me that they acknowledge my concerns but they do not find those concerns anywhere near as important as economic growth being pumped out of the ground. (It always lets me know that my beliefs don't match my location. Which makes me wonder if I am really needed or really stupid here.)

So, if you run across a letter to the editor in the Lubbock AJ that mentions a certain Bible verse, encourages people to look at the impact of their choices and actions, and encourages them to look at the Citizens Climate Lobby, you'll know that I got a letter published and squashed my apathy in a tiny way.

Now, where is that congressman's phone number?

May our resolve outweigh our apathy, and may we not be distracted from our beliefs.