Saturday, December 31, 2016

Sequel: Electric Cargo Bike Dream (Disappointed in Dallas)

Okay, I got a little closer this time. I got to sit on the thing.

Yep, I went back to Small Planet e-Bikes again.

And this time, it was open. And I was excited.

A young man was sitting behind the desk, very engrossed in a small electronic device. He looked up. I told him I had wanted to see a Yuba Mundo in person. He asked if I realized it was electric. Yep. Very small small talk happened. He went back to his device.

I broke his concentration a short while later by asking if I could sit on it. Sure.

Very cool and massive! (And it was $1000 less than the 2016 price.)

It was indeed a gorilla in orangutan clothing and I had a hard time getting my leg over the Monkey Bars and seat. (I should have taken it off of the substantial kickstand first.) It felt a great deal like I was sitting on a train - uncomfortably large. I don't think I want one. If I were hauling multiple kids or using it in support of a small business, I would want one, but it's more than I need.

Gorgeous machine!

So, I put it back on the stand. Looked around the store. I picked up the E-Motion Roadster. It was seriously light! I admired the Faradays and especially admired their finish and attention to detail - very elegant. I checked out the Stromers. If I were on more of a champagne budget I'd pay a lot more attention to them - very impressive bikes.

I went for another crack at the guy by asking what he rides. He explained that he rides conventional bikes, that he considers himself a little too young, healthy, and financially challenged to ride electric. The conversation did not last long at all.

I looked around a little more - I checked out the Pedegos - very nice looking bikes. I spotted an old Lee Iaccoca electric bike, the ev-Global, in the back corner - very retro cool.

Then I turned around and wandered out the door very disappointed.

I thought (at first) that I was disappointed that I did not get to try out the Yuba, but I soon realized that I was disappointed on a much larger scale.

Here in Lubbock, I answer questions about e-bikes, but there is no one I can ask questions. So, there I was in a place where I hoped people could knowledgeably talk e-bikes, could point out strengths and weaknesses and cool stuff coming out, but this was not that. This was me surrounded by lifeless bikes and a disinterested clerk.

The next time I am in Dallas, I won't stop by again. I'll keep reading Electric Bike Review and Electric Bike Report and looking for a day where I can find an opportunity to see a few e-bikes in motion. Maybe an Electric Bike Expo will get a little closer to Lubbock.

May you find what you're looking for and may the talk be as good as the ride.