Thursday, December 22, 2016

Fully Charged Christmas, Sondors, E-BMX, and another ATX Cargo Bargain

We will start with Robert Lewellyn's newest Fully Charged video. Robert does a year-end review that offers some optimism and mirth. Actually, this episode offers lots of good news. Did you hear that? Good news! Watch it already! Yes, good news! (I have really missed good news lately.)

If you haven't clicked that yet, let me remind you that there is a plethora of good news here - and not just cars: bikes, solar, batteries, bio-gas, and one of my new faves - IMBYP! If you are not familiar with Fully Charged, browse the collection of videos on youtube. If you're not familiar with Robert, go find yourself a few episodes of Red Dwarf (after Series II) to watch.
Sondors News
On the local side, Grizz's Sondors bikes have arrived (but they are staying in the box until after Christmas.) I will keep you posted when they do pop out!
In other news, they still have several bikes on sale for $500 each, so you can still have a pair of bikes in boxes sitting on your porch for less than $1500. (There are even Thin models for those of you who don't go for that whole monster-truck-bike motif.)
In even more news, Sondors announced another model - this one a folding bike. The first run will be available only to those who already own a Sondors bike. They will be available to the general public in 2018. I haven't found details on pricing, but who cares? It's only money!
The Sondors Fold Check it out here!

Monster Truck as Folding Bike
(Most of the pics on the website look like computer renderings.)

A new Promo Video for the Prodeco Tech/Life EV E-BMX
This time with New Yorkers doing tricks!
Upside down on an e-bike - Watch it here!
If you want one, hurry up - the intro prices are creeping up!
Another Cargo Bike Bargain in Austin
Madsens usually run a few thousand dollars or more. They are very legit cargo bikes that are especially popular for hauling children about. At $650, this one is a steal -  find it on Austin Craigslist while supplies last. (Our dog pack would love it!) Somebody go buy this thing and put it to good, carbon-free use!
There you go - many updates and an uplifting-ish video. May you have a wonderful day and find some good news somewhere in this post!
Thanks, friends!